Professional and public speaker Frank Furness shares tips, techniques and coaching on presentation skills, marketing and how to become an international speaker

Need to Kickstart Your International Speaking Career?

Frank Furness is not only a marvellous, successful professional speaker, he knows all the insiders information about speaking globally. If you are dreaming and planning to become an international speaker, you will treasure and benefit from every word. I wish I had Frank’s great ideas before I made my first international presentations. It always pays to get expert advice from a successful expert who has been down the trail before you.

Dottie Walters CSP - International Speaker, Author, Consultant

Here's how to earn a substantial income and have a great lifestyle.

Speak For High Fees in Many Lands. It's No Accident. In 10 Hours, I Can Show You How To Become A Professional Speaker

When I started my speaking career 10 years ago, I made every mistake you can imagine. Why....because I didn't know where to start, how to do it or where to find the speaking engagements. Now I speak in 45 countries around the world, live an incredible lifestyle and earn a substantial income. I developed this series to help other speakers and there are countless tools, tips and techniques to help you reach your speaking goals

Speak for High Fees in Many Lands

Follow a tried and tested action plan to success

When I first started out, I spent three months cold calling companies to get them to book me. I experienced more rejection than you could ever imagine. I often became disillusioned, but so badly wanted to become a professional speaker, that I did not give up. In amongst those cold calls I developed a relationship with a company that sponsored me for $100,000 a year to travel around the world speaking to their customers. Speak for High Fees in Many Lands will share with you all the other things I learned along the way, that I wish I knew when I started. Techniques on how to shine on the platform and add value to everyone I speak for, and just as important, how to market myself effectively. It will also show you how to break into the International speaking market and get repeat and referral bookings

  • How to get more speaking engagements - Find out how I use 17 strategies to keep my diary fully booked. These include referrals, articles, bartering, the internet, bureaus, sponsorships
  • How to break into the International speaking market - Let me share my strategies that enable me to speak in some of the greatest locations on earth and be paid handsomely.
  • Platform skills that will enthrtal your audiences - Discover the secrets of some of the greatest speakers around. Their valuable advice will move you to the next level
The course was awesome. You demystified the mysticism surrounding professional speaking and yourself while enhancing your character, strength of personality and generosity of spirit. I have rarely seen anything like it in business. It was humbling and awe inspiring. Your techniques were from an incredible level of experience. You are a master speaker but also a master at getting work. A hundred books could not have done what you did for me - show me how to make money from speaking.

David Thomas - Professional Speaker

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  • Technology and PowerPoint - Avoid boring your audiences with PowerPoint overkill. Learn to enthral them with video, sound & photos that only enhance your presentation
  • How to develop a dynamite marketing pack - I have a 95% success rate once I send out my pack to a potential client
  • How to build your own unique brand - find what differentiates you and creates your niche market
Before launching myself into the corporate speaking marketplace, I needed to fully understand the business from A to Z. Frank you were (are) a magnificent teacher, thanks!

Paul Fletcher - ex professional football player

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  • How you can build an internet presence that will bring in bookings from around the globe -
  • Effective ways to work with bureaus, develop sponsors and barter your services
  • How to turn a keynote into multiple training, consulting and coaching opportunities

This is not theory. This is tried and proven and has worked not only for me, but also for the speaking superstars that have shared their information in this series.

What you will learn: Differences between speaking and training The essential elements needed for a great keynote talk Developing key messages relevant to your audiences Developing a ‘killer opening and close’ How to use the seven E’s, pauses, humour and audience participation Taking your audience on a magical journey with your stories Essential equipment How to develop an effective ‘one-page’ Publicity and Promotion How to use PowerPoint and multimedia effectively Running an effective ‘speaker’ office How to develop a marketing kit that gets results Creating your niche market Selling yourself to potential clients Marketing strategies for a full diary Building perceived value Marketing through articles and websites International and local opportunities & strategies Working with bureaus and associations Video CDs showing ‘how to’

I listened in awe, I watched mesmorised, I felt the buz, and I can taste my new success. Thank you Frank for every word, you have given me another leap forward

Susan Taylor


Cathy O’ Dowd, First woman to climb Everest from both sides

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You have many talents! but the best one is that you do what you say you are going to do, and that puts you at the top of my integrity list. You are 'some man' as they say in some parts of England. (Cornwall actually) I'm always happy to give you my money, it just seems to multiply back to me

Paul St John Martin

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You now don't have to make the same mistakes I did. You will have all the information on how to kickstart your career and be speaking in the international market sooner than you thought possible

With this great package you get........ 10 CDs, 5 video CDs and an action planner Plus a special bonus 500 contact details of associations, bureaus and event planners over 12 months With contributions from: Larry Winget, Bill Brooks, W.Mitchell, Terry Brock, Ron Arden, Doug Stephenson, Tim Gard, Scott Friedman, Tony Christiansen, Graham Davies, Stef du Plessis, Robin Sieger, Gavin Sharples, Dottie Walters, Debbie Tawse, Warren Evans, Zig Ziglar

Great contributors...

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Don't wait, if you invest in yourself today, I will include one incredible bonus, a database of 100 associations, bureaus and event planners in the USA, UK and some other great countries. This alone is worth $500

Ten years experience and tips and techniques from the worlds greatest.... This is priceless information. I have decided to share this knowledge at the very affordable investment of $425 (normally $625). If you follow everything in the programme, you could easlily make ten times your investment in the next year.

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If you are seroius about kickstarting your speaking career and speaking in the international market, don't wait, take action now.


Best of Success,

Frank Furness

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